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Conn-Selmer is taking the strain out of Back-to-School

It's Back To School Time!

Conn-Selmer Europe is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments. Our brands include Elkhart, Leblanc, Conn-Selmer and Musser percussion.

We appreciate that demand for student brass and woodwind instruments is at its peak during the ‘Back to School’ period, and with brass bands and orchestras now able to rehearse again, and the world returning to a new ‘normal’, we anticipate schools and parents will require even more guidance this year to select and purchase instruments.

In the light of this, Conn-Selmer Europe is taking the strain out of ‘Back to School’ by offering free expert advice and a range of special offers available for primary Headteachers and secondary Heads of Music to access from their nearest Conn-Selmer dealer.

Our aim is to make choosing one of our prestige quality student instruments an informative and pleasurable experience, and our renowned commitment to excellence ensures outstanding customer service and aftercare.

To learn more about Conn-Selmer Europe and locate your nearest dealer please visit our dealer locator here.

For UK based schools, you can alternatively contact our specialist Charlie Robertson on the details below.

Charlie Robertson: UK
Tel: 07591 586689

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