Warranty Information

Conn-Selmer Inc. warrants to the original owner-user that its products will be free from defects in material or workmanship. The time frame for these manufacturer's warranties, based on the brand is listed below.

Warranty Time Frames by Brand

Armstrong5 Years
C.G. Conn5 Years
Holton5 Years
King5 Years
Leblanc5 Years
Selmer5 Years
Vincent Bach5 Years
Ludwig Marching & Concert3 Years
Ludwig USA Snares3 Years
Timpani3 Years
Ludwig Stands, Pedals, Thrones and Holders3 Years
Ludwig Accent2 Years
Ludwig Drum Carriers2 Years
Musser Mallet2 Years
Aristocrat2 Years
Scherl & Roth2 Years

Limitations and Exclusions

Warranty inquiries must be made through an authorized Conn-Selmer dealer and authorized returns must be shipped prepaid.

  1. The warranty provided herein shall be void and of no effect in the event that the product has been operated outside its designed output capacity.
  2. The warranty provided herein is for replacement only. Conn-Selmer Inc. shall not be liable for any loss, cost, damage, or expense of any kind arising out of a breach of the warranty. Further, Conn-Selmer Inc. shall not be liable for any incidental, consequential, exemplary, special, or punitive damages, nor for any loss of revenue, profit or use, arising out of a breach of this warranty or in connection with the sale, maintenance, use, operation or repair of the product. In no event will Conn-Selmer Inc. be liable for any amount greater than the purchase price of a defective product. The disclaimers of liability included shall remain in effect and shall continue to be enforceable in the event that any remedy herein shall fail of its essential purpose.
  3. This warranty is the sole and exclusive warranty for the product, and is in lieu of all other express and implied warranties. Conn-Selmer specifically disclaims all other express and implied warranties, including, but not limited to, all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purchase. No person or entity is authorized to bind Conn-Selmer Inc to any other warranty, obligation or liability for any product. Installation, operation or use of the Conn-Selmer Inc. product for which this warranty is issued shall constitute acceptance of the terms hereof.
  4. This warranty does not apply to instruments sold through dealers not authorized to do so by Conn-Selmer, Inc. This warranty does not cover instruments that have been used previously and is not transferable.
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